Use of NMR statistics for the assignment of RNA spectra


All programs and tools have been tested and used by the authors. However, they are made available without any warranty. The authors, are not liable for any potential damage that might be caused in connection with this programs. The authors are grateful for reports of errors/bugs and any suggestions for improvements.

Ellipses for the program Sparky - assisted chemical shift assignment of RNA

Brief documentation how to use these files.
Here are all ellipses packed with tar and gzip: compressed file
Mac or Windows machines can usually extract it, for UNIX use "gunzip name.gz" and "tar -xvf name.tar".

Automated chemical shift assignment using CHESS2FLYA

CHESS2FLYA generates the input files for an automated chemical shift assignment with CYANA.
It was written by Thomas Aeschbacher under the supervision of Markus Blatter and Mario Schubert.
We tested it under RedHat Linux and CentOS 6.6.
Documentation how to use these files.
This compressed file contains the entire directory with an example and a version of CHESS2FLYA from Feb 2013.

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last modified 9th June 2017.